Olive Oil is Effective to Cure Baldness and Regrow Your Hair


Various kinds of hair growth products outstanding and flooding the market today. But nevertheless, olive oil remains one of the favorites and is believed to grow hair and can overcome hair loss. Perhaps this is because the oil has been used from generation to generation and so it became very popular for most people.

Olive oil being one of the essential oils are widely used for various kinds of diseases, even for most of Muslim, Christian and Judaism, olive oil is the main drug and is considered sacred oils to treat various diseases. Olive oil is very popular and began to be applied in the Middle Ages in Europe and in the Mediterranean. Italy and Spain are the two main country olive oil producing and they have a high quality on their olive oil products.

How to Use Olive Oil for Grow Healthy Hair

Olive oil can repair damaged hair and promote new hair growth because it contains fatty acids and high protein. Olive oil will help to produce sebum – is the oil that is produced by the skin glands of the head and serves to keep the scalp moist. While protein serves as the base material to form new hair cells. Both of these materials are a essential factor and elemen for healthy hair growth and supple. That is what makes how to regrow hair and stop hair loss by using olive oil to be very effective. Dry scalp can lead to unhealthy hair growth, hair becomes dull and can cause hair loss.

How its use is apply olive oil directly to your scalp and then do a gently massage on the scalp. It is intended that the blood vessels in the scalp becomes aroused so that blood vessels become wider and make the blood flow in the scalp is increased. Nutrition will be more easily absorbed by the hair roots and rest assured if they get the nutrition they need then you will get your healthy hair growth. Poor nutrition is one of the causes of hair loss, such as the habits of smoking and drinking alcohol beverage habits.

To get maximum results, you can warm the olive oil first, because the warm oil can stimulate the follicles more quickly so that the nutrients can be absorbed more quickly. You have to measure the heat content of this oil before it is applied to the scalp because if it is too hot can cause hair cells are damaged because the scalp is very sensitive and easily hurt.

Conclusion : You can use olive oil as a way to re-grow hair, but more recommended for those patients in the early stages of hair loss. As for people with severe hair loss, you can use olive oil for second priority and not to become the main treatment.


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